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The future of music is monthly payments and expensive loops and samples shop with no transparency into the purchase

Or here at, you can download Free loops right now.

Hey, what’s up? I’m Tyler, Founder of

What if we just made it a micro-purchase system and kept all the technology in-house? We wouldn’t have to charge customers a dime, let them enjoy free loops and samples while we build something even better…

Learn more about Musicblip and how you can get involved.

What is an Authentic Loop Company? Watch our video to learn about our loop company Musicblip!

In our opinion, an authentic loop company is transparent with the quality, content, and a simple user experience.

“I started the company to change the music industry.” We offer the cheapest platform online. We are just getting started.

loop company founder tyler garrett

Hello, I’m Tyler, Founder of Musicblip. I just had a baby with my wife in Austin, TX. We are a team of 3 people in Belgium, Berlin, USA, and Brazil.

Everything is free, and occasionally we have large packs that cost a few dollars for early access.

I will refund your money if you are not satisfied with your early access loop pack.

Don’t want to pay for the loop packs?

Wait a few months, and you will see the free loops and samples populated into the shop.

The loops will be split into different packs, organized by BPM and KEY.

If you’re interested in learning about music production check out our blog.

Musicblip is a loop company and independent music label.

We help artists build their independent career and offer loops for free. Free loops for everyone!

If you use our loops, please give us a shout out.

Musicblip seeks to lower barriers to entry in the music industry.

Help us lower barriers entry to making good music.

Youtube videos need better quality audio!

Loop company musicblip what is an authentic loop and sample company?

Musicblip wants to build real music jobs and help independent artists escape the Soundcloud grind. We are the most affordable loop company.

Musicblip wants to offer musicians of every background a simple music market.

We are the first free loop and sample company, we know because everything free is not manually recorded and was automated on digital synths.

Have a lot of gear? Want to start a loops and samples business?

Every user at Musicblip has an opportunity of becoming a shop owner.

Use, leave feedback in the comments, share it with your friend, and talk to us on our live chat – show us how you used Musicblip.

Want to learn how to work with a loop company?

I collaborated with a few loop and sample companies growing up.

I’ve been making loops and samples for over a decade.

Here are some tips to help you get started in the beat and loop business.

  1. Offer something valuable. When a loop company posts something, comment on the post.
  2. Leave feedback. Tell the loop company what you liked about their last release.
  3. Become a fan. Use the product because the owner knows what you do on the website.
  4. Prepare sample pack demos. Different genres, keys, styles, and variations.
  5. Ask if they are hiring. Often loop and sample companies will tell you straight up! Ask if they are looking to open any new offerings or services that you could fill the void. Build a new revenue stream for them.
  6. Don’t be afraid to contact the owners of the company. Show them you can work independently and willing to take steps to communicate with them.

Our Loop Company offers Massive Files for Free

Yes, free loops and music is the key to opening the door to more musicians around the globe.

We spend hours diligently engineering every sound in every file.

Our loop company enjoys offering large .zip files for free, and we want everyone to have access to these professional quality recordings.

Musicblip enjoys selling loops for free.

We love giving free youtube music away and helping artists explore new sonic boundaries with every turn of the knob.