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We have gigs of free loops organized by BPM and KEY. Our goal is every artist, musician, developer, humans, and even robots have access to pure analog recordings. We want you to download free loops, no monthly subscriptions, and everything is unlimited.

We are the only free loop music company that offers live recorded content!

Here’s how we do it.

We record every loop and sample, offering quality human modulation, to your loop library.

In this little blog… we will show you how to download free loops and guess what, it’s royalty free, no rules saying what you can or can’t do with our audio libraries.

We hope if you use our library, you give us a shout out when you are successful, and we hope you tell your friends how you found analog samples of a Roland 303 synth.

We also explain how much loops and samples cost, and you will not be surprised to hear it’s around $20 for every 400 megabytes.

By the end of this blog, you will understand why we are different, how to use our platform and our goals with our free loops platform!

Our Free Loops are Different than Other Loop Companies

Let’s face it, loop and sample companies use low-quality content from VST (virtual synths) and ghost producers.

The pricing structure for the typical companies selling loops right now is… simply too expensive for people in second and third world countries. The more we meet musicians the more we learn that $22 per purchase is too expensive.

You heard that correctly – on average you’re spending $22.2 for every 426.6 mb.

product name price file size
Stripped Techno 19.99 465.7
Tech-House Volume 5 19.99 190
Future Bass & Trap Presets 19.99 26.2
813 IQ Hypercolor Bass 29.99 540
Marshmallow Future Bass 19.99 406
Incognet Groove Cartel 19.99 497
Future Bounce 19.99 300
The Best Of Big EDM 2016 29.99 1000
DARK TECHNO 2 19.99 415

When truly the industry is missing out on a key characteristic necessary to sound professional. Minilogue calls it being as human as possible.

We take the workflow phases very seriously when producing music for musicblip.

We are always looking to find something hypnotic about every loop or synth patch we build.

Be sure to check out minilogue

How to Download Free Loops from Musicblip.

Okay, let’s get started on downloading your free loops. Our focus is to keep this marketplace simple. Chat with us if you’re having trouble.

Everything is free and we want to make sure you’re able to access the free loops, so if you’re having trouble, please drop a comment and we will work to fix it.

Here are the steps to using Musicblip. Downloading free loops should be simple, free, and high quality!

  1. Visit our shop.
  2. Pick your BPM.
  3. Pick your KEY.
  4. Preview the Audio
  5. Highlight and add to cart.

We build our loops to be easily used and sampled.

If you’re new to sampling, here’s a quick demonstration of what to do to avoid popping or clicking in your audio.

Here at, we want to offer a simple platform for music producers of every skill set. Our company is unplugged from the music industry.

We take the time to turn the knobs ourselves to ensure every Wav file is authentic. We like the idea of free loops to help producers around the globe have access to vintage analog circuits. Music loop purchasing will never be the same after Musicblip.

Free Loop Downloads are going to Impact the Music Industry

We are removing the barrier to entry by offering free loop downloads because we believe making a difference starts with offering free loops to producers of every economic background!

Here’s our goal with the free loops available in our shop.

  • Sample our loops, don’t just use the raw loop!
  • Unlimited downloads because eventually, you’re going to travel and need them again.
  • Access legendary sounds without spending an arm and a leg.
  • Download whenever you want without any restrictions.
  • We keep track of your free loop downloads!
  • Become an independent artist by reading our blogs, become a guest blogger or share loops in our community.
  • Our free loops are the highest quality possible because we care about our users having access to quality loops.
  • We write about how to escape the usual independent artist hangups: The Soundcloud Alternative for Independent Artists.

Unlimited Downloads, Free Loops, All Saved in Our Organized Warehouse.

When getting inspired, just hit play and kick back – enjoy these free loops.

Our customers tell us excellent stories about how they find inspiration in the loop packs.

So, what are you waiting for? All that is required in our signup is:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Primary Email
  4. ZipCode because we are interested to see where everyone lives.

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