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Hey dudes, if you’re spending money on your SoundCloud Pro Unlimited Plan. I want to let you in on a little secret.

Your annual cost of $135 dollars is the same price I pay for 3 years of hosting a full blown E-commerce website that gains organic traffic around the globe.

Alternative to soundcloud garbage pricing structure

If you need a Soundcloud alternative and you want to start ranking on Google. This is the best hosting option. Don’t stress about visits monthly if you’re a new artist. If you don’t already have a website and you’re going to get 100k followers the first month – shoot me a message and I’d be happy to help you blow up your independent music career.

There is a Soundcloud alternative for independent artists. Do not use Wix or Squarespace – save yourself the pain.

It’s called building your own website and we have a suggestion that is the best possible path for not only building your Artist, Label, Mixing/Master, Producer, or Beat making portfolio.

  • Building a WordPress website is free and easy.
  • Hosting a WordPress website is only $4 a month.
  • SoundCloud is not offering a viable service for building your artist name, brand, or business.

You and I are alike if you’re looking at this, I started from the bottom working 3 part time jobs putting myself through college to be able to afford to pay for my website hosting package.

What a load of dookie. Now they are playing Burger King and Chipotle commercials to regain that audience that refuses to log in. I only visit my Soundcloud now because I want to listen to the Likes.

Finally a legit SoundCloud alternative

WordPress now has 60million downloads and counting. After building WordPress websites for companies all around the globe, I’m starting to see all my artist mates forking over $135 a year for a playlist that 50% of the users quit.

It’s free compared to Wix and Squarespace, also it’s not utter garbage like Wix and Squarespace.

alternative to soundcloud hosting plans 4$ a month for your personal artist website

Site Ground offers hosting for multiple websites for less than the monthly of Soundcloud.

Musicblip is running off of WordPress and so are a large portion of today’s corporate websites! That means as a SoundCloud artist you’re actually paying more

We all quit SoundCloud because growing our authority on their domain is bad for growing your business. Especially when you’re paying more than you could spend on your business website.

soundcloud alternative failure pricing screenshot of 15 dollars a month for practically nothing

$15 dollars a month for Pro unlimited. Yet we are spending less than that and hosting 4 websites on our host. Soundcloud isn’t offering a good service to artists at this point it’s just best to let it go.

Independent artists who did not need to sign were able to earn 100% of their revenue, not including the small transaction fee.

WordPress has been the icing on the cake for hundreds of thousands of artists and music producers around the world.

After 10 years of ghost producing for loop and sample companies in Berlin. I’ve always had a keen eye on music technology and as a technology consultant, I realize there’s a lot of business problems with your options as a musician.

Soundcloud seemed to be a great adventure for quick easy sharing tracks but now the price is absolutely absurd.

Why is Soundcloud closing and why are people Googling SoundCloud Alternative?

People are Googling Soundcloud alternative now because so many people have quit Soundcloud altogether.

For example, I stopped paying for my account this year and have never looked back.

I lost tens of thousands of plays on my music.

My friend asked me yesterday, “Why are we spending $7-15 monthly for a failing company if hosting only costs $4 a month and we can make the website look however we want?!”

SoundCloud’s inability to handle a couple of songs hosted on their website? Also, they didn’t learn to play ball, it ripped every bootstrap off the market, and over at Youtube, you can earn money by quoting the artist.

If you scrape Soundcloud’s website you will see mostly 404 errors because most of the users have quit.

What is the SoundCloud alternative?

You can host a website for <$4 a month with WordPress. Soundcloud costs $15/month. That’s absurd considering all they are doing is hosting your music in a heavily spammed web domain that you do not own.

Owning a domain name is very important to growing your business. If you need help with building your own music business – I’m happy to help. We offer affordable website services. Just message us because advice is free.

WordPress is the best SoundCloud Alternative on the market.

For the price of one year of Soundcloud subscription, you can own your sell your music. Where you have no control of the data insights on who visits any pages, and you’re subject to them making more mistakes and driving more plays away from your website.

You can use Google Analytics, which is free. WordPress is free. Woocommerce is free. Now you own your business and independent from others earning revenue for your hard work.