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Who decides whether you will be the Independent Artist or Huge Label artist?

Are you a talented independent music artist?

Do you have the ideas that can change the face of the music industry?

Do you have the guts to go out to the marketplace and share your music? 

independent artist cassette tape that reads 'my fat remix, so fat it needs a diet'

Or are you an independent artist looking to get your latest remix out?

We felt the same way for years too.

But guess what!? You’re spread out on 15 platforms, and these companies you’ve worked with;

  • Soundcloud
  • GooglePlay
  • Facebook
  • Beatport
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Mixcloud

Great products for those looking to outsource 100%, and if you’re like us and want to build communities. That’s where ideas like musicblip come in.

Are all working modern websites. It’s a good idea to know you can also do it yourself.

They simply are not there to revolutionize the industry, rather they are there to revolutionize their companies profit margins.

Which means, no one stands beside you. No one is holding your hand nor showing you the way. 

What is the Independent Artist going to do?

Your dream is to create music for all because music is meant to be enjoyed.

You can’t stand large label companies that put their paws on intellectual and creative property that someone like you created.

You know there is another way.

Being an independent artist is liberating for someone who looks at things from a distance.

You’re working with limited resources because you don’t have the access to the big depositories of samples and loops.

You could have, but then you have to pay $xxx to use a product that is poorly packed and selected.

You can’t win in this game – it’s your money, but it’s their control.

independent artists.

Every music company profits from us plugging into their platform. They never built the company to help independent artists grow, they started their company to grow a company.

How does the Independent Artist compete?

It’s time to set up the new rules. Everyone deserves a chance to pursue their dreams and create something extraordinary for themselves and others. No more slavery. No more biggies. We want to hear YOUR voice, not a generic corporate voice over.

It’s time for Independent Artists to Change the Industry.

“The music industry has been undergoing major changes.”

Since the 1950’s and the rise of recording studios, radio shows and eventually television, we are witnessing the unstoppable creative force that is lead by musicians, singers, and producers alike.

Back in the golden days, you needed someone who will take your hand and say “All right, you’re picked!”

After that, you’ve been lead to the market; your success was spoken for. On the other hand, the majority of more creative and insightful artists were simply cut out of every picture.

The Great Exodus of Music Platforms and

Anyone with the least skills can call himself an artist these days. All you need to become one is a computer – no more instruments, no more years of practice.

We can create music by using buttons, turning knobs, and experimenting. So, the usual is make a band page on some music platform and now we are artists!

All you need is a guitar and someone who plays drums in a band. That’s 99% of bands before the computer age generations.

This is something that we should also be aware of. The fact that anyone can create music nowadays only makes the problem worse.

The ocean is full of fish, and that means there are now fewer chances to be heard on audio platforms.

And if we are truly independent artists, why do we plug into the industry? Why are the biggest independent artists still depending on major platforms to release their music?

The Music Industry and Major Music Websites Don’t Care.

Sounds frustrating, right? Well, it should be. Every new endeavor is extremely exhausting, disappointing and mentally challenging. If you’re not determined to succeed, you will fail.

The Independent Artist Grind!

Independent artist icon with a silly meme on it, just keeping it super simple here.

Nowadays independent artists are competing with drag and drop producers. Everyone and their grandmother is a DJ.

If you’re ready to

If you’re committed to delivering something valuable and worth listening to, then take some action and join us in creating a better future for independent artists.

Learn about Dave Smith Instruments. Under stand how he worked with Oberheim to shape Midi and Analog Synthesis.

We can promise free access to music resources, readings, online sound archive because we want to build a place where everyone has equal rights to start their own creative endeavor.

Resist the urges to join Major Platforms.

Don’t let them win – whatever you do, let the market to decide. Put out some great music, don’t overthink it and share as much as you can.

Contact us right now if you want to share organized beats, loops, or samples. We are getting orders from around the world. Spread your ability. For free. Limited time offer.