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Roland303 C-Am 114bpm 418MB 61loops

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Loops from the Roland TB 303 are as iconic as it gets. The TB-303 is one of the most well-known synthesizers on the planet. I truly enjoyed sampling the TB 303 for everyone to enjoy. This TB303 pack comes with 61 loops total. 400+ mb of analog loops at 114bpm.

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We record the Roland Tb 303 through Mogami Cable and on the Apollo Twin to ensure the quality is perfect. Our 303 pack is full of a collection of 4 different guitar pedals to offer a massive variety of the raw tb303. The TB-303 loop packs are special loops and samples. We enjoy using analog FX in tandem with the Roland 303.

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TB 303 – Alter ego – Carbon Copy – Morning Glory – Hall of Fame – Mogami Cable – Apollo Twin

Our collection for this particular loop and sample collection utilizes 4 different guitar pedals, two delays, one amp, and one reverb. Pushing Mogami from the 303 to boost the signal, then to the Hall of Fame to increase the volume through the rest of the pedals. 303 by itself is one of the rawest instruments our collection. We hope you enjoy this loop pack because we sure enjoyed making it.

3 reviews for Roland303 C-Am 114bpm 418MB 61loops

  1. Jonny909

    Love the analog FX on the Roland TB-303, truly a mind-blowing loop pack.

  2. Harvey Simonse

    This pack is endless. Premium quality, sampling this like crazy. Keep it coming.

  3. Kauã Correia

    More great work. My client said it was ‘An Incredible experience.’

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