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Hello Musicblip User or Guest. Thanks for checking out our free Ableton Live tutorial on Learning Ableton Live Basics. 

Welcome to our first Ableton Live tutorial. The core focus is to teach you as much as possible about the basics of Ableton Live.

This Ableton Live Basics tutorial will cover a massive amount of content. On the bottom of the blog you will find a list of topics.

I built the tutorial for people who are not super computer nerds but still interested in making music in Ableton.

Although if you’re technical, you will gain a lot of smart “gotcha’s” that I’ve learned over the past ten years using Ableton.

Learn Ableton Live Basics because…

Ableton Live basics will help you make music faster, and use the software more efficiently.

Which means you will make more music.

Learning your DAW is everything.

So, in the video, I discuss all the basics to diving into Ableton Live.

Last night, I was hanging out with my friend.

He was annoyed we could not make a hiphop beat immediately.

“Let’s make beat,” he would say…

And I replied, “Let’s teach you the Ableton basics, so you can make beats faster.”

Why? Because it’s not the easiest topic – I made a self paced training tutorial, no signup required, and the video is just below my note here.

About me: I’ve been using Ableton Live for over ten years and programming for two decades. I professionally teach people how to use softwares efficiently. One thing I notice, when teaching others technology, is a lack of understanding the basics.

Enjoy, Best Regards, Tyler Garrett

I’ve been doing hourly sessions with new musicians around the globe over Google Hangouts, noticed most people suffer from a few of the basic topics that are not fun to learn, and also not fun to teach. So, I made a 40 minute video covering the majority of Ableton Live basics and give a ton of honest feedback, tips, and best practices to get better at music production.

If you’re a new user and interested in a video walk-through, be sure to watch my 40 minute video on Youtube.

using adobe to edit before posting learn ableton basics post

Yes, I also do my own video editing. It’s not the best, feel free to give me feedback, I want to get better.

The best way to make good music is to practice every day.

If you want to make good music with Ableton Live, learning Ableton Live Basics is truly the first step! If you aren’t familiar with Ableton Live, and want to try another software, let us know which software. Or feel free to contact us and begin making the next free tutorial.

In the video I’m going to cover a wide range of topics, the core goal is teaching you the fundamentals of Ableton, the software. If you believe learning the fundamentals will help you be a more advanced user, please watch diligently because it’s extremely important to understand how to use the basics in Ableton, to your advantage.

Example topic in our video above:
If you’re using Ableton, it doesn’t matter if you’re mac or windows. Mac or windows? Doesn’t matter, the UI is the same between both softwares and you will learn by watching – no matter your operating system running Ableton. IN the video I’m going to explain both key strokes, no worries.

Pre-Production – How to Start a Music Project

During our Ableton Live Basic’s video tutorial,…

I’m going visually show you Ableton, and guide you through every step. Here are a few bullets of the Ableton basics you will learn after watching the video.

  1. How to save your music.
  2. Why it’s important to save your work.
  3. How you should save your music.
  4. How you should name your music.
  5. Knowing how to find your music.
  6. How to export your music.
  7. Difference between session and arrangement view.
  8. Walk through different buttons on the screen.
  9. How to copy and paste your awesome music.
  10. How to make your keyboard a synthesizer.
  11. Ableton Categories; instruments, midi, FX, drum rack, etc…
  12. How to avoid exporting crappy music.
  13. How to avoid breaking your speakers.
  14. How to visually see noises, and avoid crappy music.
  15. How to avoid hurting your ears.
  16. How to setup your Ableton preferences.
  17. Tips to make better music through trial and error.
  18. Quick keyboard shortcuts.
  19. Tips for releasing music to your friends and family, so it’s not crap.
  20. General tips to simply be a lot better producer in Ableton.
  21. We also dive into complex things, that are not easy to understand quickly, and break it down into simple instructions to keep up with!
  22. How to play two instruments with one keyboard.
  23. How to quickly layer instruments without reproducing!
  24. And many many many more topics.

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